How Has Hyundai Improved Its Reliability in the Last 10 Years?

How Has Hyundai Improved Its Reliability in the Last 10 Years?
Although Hyundai is today recognized for its new and extensive lineup of premium models, taking a look back at the last ten years gives a good idea for how the company got where it is today. We’ll show you how Hyundai has built its lineup to earn the awards and achievements of consistently producing exciting and reliable vehicles.

How Reliable Are Hyundai Vehicles?

 A vehicle’s reliability rating is determined by how well it holds up against the inconvenience of problems and repairs. The reliability ratings can significantly influence how satisfied drivers are with a particular vehicle, and also affect the dependability of the brand.  In terms of evaluating vehicles and brands, J.D. Power is a leader in conducting research on a variety of car issues, including dependability and quality. Some of the mechanical and electrical problems they use to evaluate vehicles include:  Engine rebuild, replacement, oil leaks or engine computer problems
  • Cooling systems, radiators and antifreeze leaks
  • Transmission replacement, clutch adjustment, sensors and solenoids
  • Alternators, batteries, ignition switches and wire failure
  • Cruise control, gauges, alarm or security systems
 While some problems are more serious and expensive than others, fixing issues can ruin the driving experience for many passengers. In 2019, J.D. Power awarded the dependability award to the Hyundai brand, for the fewest problems reported by 100 car owners with vehicles up to 3-years old.

The History of Hyundai in Canada

 Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. Hyundai's cars, minivans and sport utility vehicles are sold and serviced by more than 192 Hyundai dealerships throughout Canada.  Established in 1983, Hyundai found a niche in the Canadian marketplace with its introduction of the Hyundai Pony. For first-time buyers, the Pony gave incredible value in a market that was moving towards higher-end models. By making quality, safe, and affordable cars, Hyundai grew into one of the best-selling foreign manufacturers in Canada.

Some Best-Selling Models

 With a focus on quality, safety and design, some of the best-known Hyundai models today include:  Kona, Tucson and Santa Fe SUVs
  • Elantra, Sonata and Accent sedans
  • Sonata hybrid
  • Kona and Ioniq electric vehicles
 By providing a variety of value-equipped vehicles, Hyundai has become a well-known brand for car buyers. There are options available for families, students and car-enthusiasts that make Hyundai an affordable brand for any budget and lifestyle.

Where Are Hyundai’s Made and Manufactured?

Hyundai manufacturing headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea, but many of their vehicles are made all over the world. Although there isn’t a manufacturing facility in Canada, Hyundai vehicles are still made with Canadian drivers in mind. In order to pinpoint where your vehicle was made, the manufacturer's location is included in your vehicle series number. The first character in the series number is associated with the country of origin:
  • 1 to 5 is for North America assembly
  • 6 to 7 means Australia or New Zealand
  • A to H means the car was assembled in Africa
  • J to R refers to Asia
  • S to Z means it was assembled in Europe
In an industry that has become global, manufacturing facilities can remain in countries with the best economical advantage. With free trade deals in place, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. is able to import vehicles at an acceptable cost and pass on savings to its customers.

Hyundai Awards and Achievements

In addition to the dependability award, J.D. Power also gave the Hyundai brand awards for quality, performance, dealership sales and dealership service in 2019. But J.D. Power isn’t the only reliable reward group handing out awards to Hyundai:  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the 2020 Hyundai Palisade SUV the top safety pick
  • awarded the Mid-Size SUV Challenge to the Hyundai Santa Fe
  • The 2020 Hyundai Sonata and Le Fil rouge Concept were named as finalists at the 2019 International Design Excellence Awards
  • U.S. News and World Report named the Hyundai Accent, Santa Fe, and Tucson as the best cars for teens
  • AutoPacific gave the Annual Vehicle Satisfaction Award to the Hyundai Accent and Tucson
While the list goes on and on, winning awards helps Hyundai prove the customer satisfaction associated with their brand. By building on a history of high-quality, dependability, and design, Hyundai has become a leader in the sedan, SUV and hybrid markets.

Which Hyundai Will You Test-Drive Today?

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