How to Spring Clean Your Vehicle After Winter?

Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle After Winter

Now that the coldest season of the year is over and done with, it's time to get some Hyundai spring cleaning going to ensure your vehicle is fine-tuned. From December until March, winter has thrown every element at your vehicle, including snow, ice, and even hail. Driving through such unpredictable conditions requires careful preparation. However, even with that preparation, there will be wear and tear, and it might be preventing the vehicle from performing at its best.

Though spring and summer may provide greater comfort levels to suit vehicle performance, you’ll still need to do some work to give your car a boost after these difficult winter months. Streetsville Hyundai recommends these tips to spring clean your vehicle and get it ready for winter.

Wash the Dirt Away

Your car or truck deserves a proper bath from the hood to the bumper. To best remove accumulated salt, grime, and dirt from the months of winter driving, you should take your car to the nearest car wash. The car wash will give your vehicle a comprehensive cleaning to remove any debris and restore its shine. That can even include undercarriage cleaning.

One place your car can receive the first-class treatment it deserves to be prepared for the humid summer months is at Streetsville Hyundai Detailing and Service Centre. At our detailing and service centre, you can choose from three different packages. Each package comes with an exterior wash, wheel cleaning, interior vacuuming, and window cleaning. With the spa's silver package, your car's mats get shampooed, your tires are dressed, plus you get a full engine shampoo and detailing. The gold package includes paint touch-ups and the application of wax, so your Hyundai has that sparkling effect. And, there's the gold package, where your vehicle can enjoy a full pampering. 

Check Your Fluids

It would be smart if you inspect all of your vehicle’s vital fluids before deciding to take your Hyundai out for a long-awaited road trip.

One of the most recommended vehicle maintenance tips you’ll hear is that you’ll need to check your oil (and change it, if necessary). If there is a dark, tar-like look when you check it, or if the coolant level gives off a rusty brown colour, then it’s time to get your vehicle serviced.

Furthermore, examine the brake fluid as well as any transmission fluid to determine if your vehicle requires a visit to your nearest service station. Taking care of your fluids now can save you lots of money to cover damages down the line.

Look After Your Tires

Tire maintenance is vital as tires have a significant effect on a car's safety and balance while driving.

First off, if you still have winter tires on the car, and it’s more than seven degrees outside, then it’s time to make the switch to summer tires. Now that the road isn’t as hard and cold, and it’s easier to gain traction with warmer conditions, switching your tires is advised so your car can move safely during the weather transition.

Once your Hyundai has the right tires on, ensure that your tires are properly inflated so that your Hyundai brakes and rides as intended, improving overall safety. Furthermore, fully maintained tires allow you to reduce fuel consumption, saving you from making extra trips to the gas station. Your tires will lose air every now and again, making periodic checks a necessity. Because your summer tires have been in the garage for a few months, they may not be in the same condition as when you just bought them. So, it's essential that you check your tires on a regular basis.

Explore Your Hyundai’s Visibility

Especially if you have an older Hyundai model, checking your lighting should become a regular task. Older vehicles suffer from what is dubbed as ‘automotive cataracts,’ causing their headlights to feel rough and chalky. As a result, they don’t function as well and can lead to decreased effectiveness, affecting visibility.

If this is the case, it’s time to get your lighting serviced. Various companies sell kits that let you polish your headlamps, among other vehicle lamps, so they get back their shine and clarity.

In addition to your lighting, clean your windows inside and out, so you're not having any problems seeing while driving. In the winter, there are many excuses such as overcast, shorter days, and unpredictable weather. Now that it's spring, you have less of those extenuating factors to contend with.

Chemical scum can form on the inside of your glass, blocking visibility. Wipe this away with a soft cloth, so it doesn't build up further. Additionally, check your wiper blades as the winter chill may have destroyed some of their soft rubber components. If your blades have some serious wear and tear on them, get new ones while you have the time, helping you to see better once the spring rain starts falling.

Control Your Hyundai’s Climate

Look after your vehicle's air conditioning system to ensure that it isn't clogged, so you get the cool air you need when times heat up. If it is clogged, you'll need to get it serviced so it can be cleaned from the inside out, removing debris and dust along the way.

Each of these tips can do your Hyundai a lot of good in the short and long run. For all your Hyundai-related needs, Streetsville Hyundai has you covered, so you have the best performing vehicle ready for all seasons. Visit Streetsville Hyundai today and address those needs now!