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Feb 2020 Blog—SH 1 Feature 3

Our cities are constantly growing and developing. As a result, the way we commute day to day has changed. If you live in the city, perhaps it no longer makes sense to own a pickup truck or SUV. You may have thought of downsizing your vehicle, but you still need the space a larger vehicle... Read more »....Read More

SH Adaptive Cruise Control Feature

We rely on technology to make our lives easier. When we need information, we have the answers at our fingertips. We rely on technology for directions, for learning, for work and to stay connected with family and friends. When we think of technology in our vehicles, we think of how it helps to make driving....Read More

Are you curious about what makes the 2020 Hyundai Sonata new and improved? For starters, it’s completely reimagined and redesigned with the future in mind. Hyundai stands apart from the rest with forward-thinking, innovative technology and design. These elements are especially prevalent in the latest Sonata model....Read More

SH Dec 2019 Blog City 1 Feature 2 copy-

With technology becoming a dominating factor in automotive design and function, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a growth in the development and production of electric vehicles. What was once only a concept has now become a fixture in many vehicle lineups. Now, you can even find some of your favourite gas vehicles in electric....Read More

The automotive industry is currently amid one of the most exciting times in its history. With technology at the forefront, vehicles have become smarter in the way they operate. Technology is not only prevalent in a vehicle’s interior features, but also in its mechanical design and performance. In every way imaginable, our vehicles have never....Read More

Hyundai Reliability in the Last 10 Years

Although Hyundai is today recognized for its new and extensive lineup of premium models, taking a look back at the last ten years gives a good idea for how the company got where it is today. We’ll show you how Hyundai has built its lineup to earn the awards and achievements of consistently producing exciting....Read More

The Best Hyundai Vehicles for Students Going Back To School

With summer holidays coming to an end, students are loading up on supplies for their new semester, and we’re not just talking about backpacks! We have a list of Hyundai vehicles for students planning to commute to high schools, colleges and universities this fall. Hyundai Sedans For Students Sedans are ideal for students who don’t....Read More

2020 Hyundai Elantra

2020 Hyundai Elantra New Features The 2020 Hyundai Elantra has been designed and built with a wide variety of technology to enhance your everyday drive, keep you connected, and maintain your safety. We’ll guide you through all the new features so that you feel comfortable when you’re in the driver’s seat....Read More