What is a Hybrid car?

A hybrid vehicle uses more than one form of energy to give propulsion to the vehicle. In essence it means that hybrid cars will combine using an internal-combustion engine that uses fuel/gas as well as some sort of electric/battery powered motor. This allows the car to achieve much higher fuel efficiency than traditional cars that rely solely on fuel.

Some hybrid engines still primarily rely on gas engines to give the primary power to the motor, with the electrical motor to collect and reuse the energy that goes to waste or to ‘fill in the gaps’, such as braking and gear changes. With some of these types, the electric engine might provide all of the propulsion over short distances or whenever you drive using only a bit of power, like in stop-and-go traffic.

Other hybrids are primarily powered by electric motors, however, with fuel-powered generators to charge the motor’s batteries as it is being driven. This allows the car to have extended range and means that you don’t have to plug it in to recharge it, as with purely electric cars.

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