Why doesn’t my car have a spare tire?

More car makers are increasingly ditching having cars come with a spare tire, and are instead using run-flat tires and tire inflator or sealant kits. There are numerous reasons that has led to this trend becoming more widespread:

  • Weight. Not having a 40-50 lb spare wheel helps to increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, since a heavier the car’s engine has to work harder to achieve the same speed as when a lighter car.
  • Roadside Assistance. Most people now don’t know how to change a punctured tire with a spare anyways, and increasingly just call roadside assistance to do it for them.
  • Modern Quality. Modern tires are more durable, especially run-flat tires which are designed specifically to be able to be useable for a limited distance after getting a puncture.

It is important to note, however, that tire inflator and sealant kits won’t work if the tire gets a bigger slice along the sidewall or suffers other more serious damage than a simple puncture to the tread.