Should I put my winter tires on a separate set of rims?

If you decide to buy winter tires for your car, you also have the choice of whether you want them to have their own set of rims or not. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to be weighed.


  • The rims for your all-season tires will avoid the rust and corrosion caused by snow and road salt
  • There is no greater difficulty in storing tires on rims compared to tires that are not on rims
  • Constantly changing the tires on the same set of rims will cause extra wear and tear to both the tires and the rims
  • It is more expensive and complicated to change your tires on the same set of rims.


  • The initial cost of getting the tires plus new rims as opposed to just new tires will be greater.

In the end, we recommend that you do get a set of rims just for your winter tires, as there are far more advantages than disadvantages. If you have any other questions about winter tires and rims, you can contact our Service and Parts department or use our Tire & Wheel Locator tool to see what brands and prices of tires and rims are available for your car.