We Will Give You Cash For Your Vehicle

Have a car, SUV, or van that you want to sell? We have a quick and easy solution that makes the process convenient for you! It doesn't matter what the condition of your car is, or if the car is still under a lease or loan - we'll still buy it, and we do most of the work for you! Just bring your car to our dealership in Mississauga and go through our simple three step process to get cash for your vehicle!

So if you have a car that you want to sell, bring it to our dealership. We're conveniently located at 6225 Mississauga Rd, right by Erin Mills Parkway and Highway 401.

Get Your Vehicle Appraised - No Appointment Necessary

First, drive the car you want to sell to our dealership whenever you want - you don't have to make an appointment with us! We have a team that give it an appraisal, according to things like the year, make, model, trim, overall condition and if it has been in any accidents. Our appraisal process is only to determine the value of the car and the offer we'll make.

Get A Quote - No Matter What

After the appraisal process is done, we'll submit a written offer to you for your car. We need more cars, so we'll always give you an offer to buy yours regardless of its history or condition! We give you peace of mind, so you don't have to worry that you'll be unable to sell your car. Our offers are good for 10 days or 1000 km, so you have time to think it over.

Get Your Cash - Without Buying Anything
If you accept our offer, you get cash! It's that simple. You and anyone else listed as an owner on the car will have to fill out the proper forms, and if it still has a lease or loan we'll contact the finance company and determine equity needs to be paid off. Once that's all done, you get your cash and we take your old car off your hands. You don't even have to buy anything from us to take advantage of this deal!