Winter Tires in Mississauga

Winter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to prepare your vehicle for the unpredictable snowy and icy roads of Ontario. If you’re looking to buy a new set of winter tires, have them installed or store your current summer or all-season tires, Streetsville Hyundai has your back. Here are the most common questions we get asked by our customers! 


Thinking about getting your Hyundai winter tires? Not sure what kind or size of tires, rims or wheels that would be best for your vehicle? Let our experts at Streetsville Hyundai help you find the right tires, at the right price, for you and your family to stay safe on the roads.

Why Buy Winter Tires?

In Ontario, when the average temperatures drop below 7 °C which normally occurs late October, all the way into early April, the rubber compound commonly used in all-season tires hardens and loses elasticity in lower temperatures. Whereas, the softer rubber compound used in winter tires remain pliable as temperatures begin to drop further, providing greater grip and traction on winter roads conditions such as deep snow, icy/slushy roads, and extremely cold temperatures.

How Does The Winter Tire Insurance Discount Work?

As of January 1st, 2016, Ontario drivers who have winter tires installed on their vehicle from November till April are entitled to receive a discount from their insurance company. Depending on your insurance company, the discount and how it will apply to your policy will vary. In general, drivers can expect to receive a 3-5% discount on their policy. Note that some insurance company may ask you to provide proof before applying the winter tire savings, such as a receipt for purchase, installation, or just a photograph. For more information, contact your insurance provider.

Have My Winter Tires on a Separate Set of Rims?

In recent years, we have noticed that majority of drivers have moved from owning one sets of tires for their vehicle to having two sets of tires; one set of summer/all-season and another set specifically for winter. Many owners choose to have sportier tires and rims during summer to enhance the appearance of their vehicle. While in the winter, they prefer to have a more practical set of tires and rims to handle the snow/salt covered roads in the GTA. One of the main reasons for using a single set of rims and switching the tires on and off each season is due to the cheaper upfront cost of buying new tires without rims. However, the initial savings out-weigh the cost over time:

  • Having separate rims for your winter tires will help extend the overall lifespan of the rims on your summer/all-season tires from the snow, ice, and harsh salted roads during Toronto’s winter.
  • It is less expensive to change tires with their own rims, than to swap tires between the same set of rims because you must pay for remounting and balancing fees bi-annually
  • Changing tires on the same rims will wear both the tires and rims down quicker

If you want to save on buying rims for your winter tires, you can look for a regular steel rim instead of an alloy set. That’s one of the reasons why you commonly see cars with different looking wheels in the winter.

What specials and programs for tires do you currently offer?

Tire Storage Special

Tire Storage Special

No more room for summer/winter tires? No problem! At Streetsville Hyundai, we offer tire storage service, keeping your tries in good condition and ready for the road, whichever season. Receive a no-ch...
No more room for summer/winter tires? No problem! At Streetsville Hyundai, we offer tire storage service, keeping your tries in good condition and ready for the road, whichever season. Receive a no-charge on rim install with the purchase of tire storage for any make or model! Contact us for additional details.
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Four Wheel Alignment and Balance

Four Wheel Alignment and Balance

If you need to have your wheels re-aligned bring your vehicle into Streetsville Hyundai's Service Centre to get a 4-Wheel Alignment. Contact us for more details!
  • Alignment and Balance$149.95+Tax